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Load Runners

Ağır Yük Serisi Idler Roller ve yüksek hassasiyet ve yüksek kapasiteye sahip seriler / Heavy-Duty Idler Rollers and Rails for High-Capacity Precision Load Handling.

Custom, short lead-time solutions and in-stock products for next-day delivery.

Superior Design Means Longer Life.

Longer Life Means Lower Costs.

Osborn Load Runners® are robust assemblies of carefully fabricated outer shells/treads and precision bearings fitted to high tolerance shafts. All Osborn Load Runners® match the tread, shaft and bearings into a cohesive, highly engineered unit used in dozens of industries and hundreds of applications.

Manufactured in the USA, Load Runners® feature heat-treated specialty steel, precision bearings, a maintenance-free lubrication and seal system, and a global network of sales support and application engineering expertise.

Osborn Load Runners® are designed and manufactured using exacting engineering principles with an emphasis on achieving:

• Better balance

• Increased bearing life

• Less tread/outer shell wear

• Reduced power consumption

• Smoother operation

• Quieter operation






Excellent for precision handling of heavy loads in tough environments

Combine the high capacity of Load Runners idler-rollers with high-strength steel Load Rails, cut to length and drilled to customer requests.

Every piece is designed to perform

Idler-roller treads are machined from high-alloy steel, then case hardened to HRC 55-60 for a wear-resistant outer shell and tough inner core.

Precision tapered roller bearings (larger sizes) and deep-groove ball bearings withstand heavy radial and thrust loads, as well as high speeds.

Idler-rollers are tightly sealed and lubricated for life to withstand dirt, sand and moisture. High-shear-strength studs (stud style) are manufactured with hex socket for easy installation. Thru-shafts (yoke style) eliminate the need for customer fabrication.

  • Tapered bearings for superior thrust load tolerance
  • High radial and simultaneous high thrust capacity
  • Completely sealed to keep out harmful contaminants
  • Lubricated for life
  • Sizes from 26 mm to 250 mm, resp. 290 mm
  • Metric and Inch ranges available
  • High operations speeds
  • Large choice in V-Grooved Style idler-rollers
  • Maintenance-free at -34°C to +107°C
  • Modifications include high-temperature grease and seal, non-metallic tread, solid lubricant, provision for relubrication and others, see Special Solutions

Customized Osborn load rails made of high-strength steel are straight and twist-free, with hardened contact surfaces and extremely loadable.

To support lighter loads that don’t require the heavy-duty performance of Osborn’s Load Runners idler-rollers we recommend the use of Cam Runner.


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    Düz Seriler / Plain Style


    Düz Biçimli Seriler / Plain Style


    Plain -Stud Style

    radial and thrust loads - easy to install


    • Plain- Eccentric Stud Style
    • radial and thrust loads
    • easy to install


Plain Yoke Style

  • radial and thrust loads
  • higher capacity than stud style




    Crowned Yoke Style

    • radial and thrust loads
    • higher capacity than stud style



Flanşlı Seriler/ Flanged Style


    DLM ölçüler / sizes: 120 / 160 / 200 Flanged -Stud Style

    radial-thrust loads

    easy to install


    Flanged eccentric style

    radial and thrust loads

    easy to install

    vertical adjustment



    Flanged Yoke Style

    radial and thrust loads

    higher capacity than stud style



    Flanged Yoke Style

    radial and thrust loads

    higher capacity thatn stud loads



Bazı Uygulamalar / Applications

All you need to handle difficult jobs

Typical applications:

Automotive Industry

  • Assembly and paint line conveyors
  • Automated storage and retrieval

Steel & Aluminium Industry

  • Conveyors and handling systems for carrying and guiding products through continuous process operations
  • Direct forming operations
  • Tooling storage racks
  • Rolling mills and galvanizing lines
  • Induction heating equipment


  • Molding and core-making machines for handling flasks…

Material Handling
A wide variety of material handling applications, e.g.:

  • Aerospace
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Cranes
  • Lumber
  • Metalworking equipment
  • Mining and Tunneling
  • Oil Industry
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Road building equipment
  • Ship building
  • Warehousing
  • Renewable energies
  • Wrapping and Packaging
  • Amusement park rides, etc.